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                            IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE

Dear Valued Patients

I am very happy to announce that my clinic is preparing to reopen with cautious optimism as of July 20th, 2020. I have made significant changes at clinic to ensure the safety of you, my valued patients, as well as safety of mine during this difficult time. Please read the following information and follow the directions to get you familiar with the changes at the clinic.

What I have done at JINSONG & ACUPUNCTURE WELLNESS CLINIC to keep you safe.

1.Myself and all patients are actively and passively Covid-19 Screened

2.Fewer patients booked with longer breaks between patients to allow time for social distancing and cleaning/disinfecting protocol

3.Myself educated on proper cleaning and disinfecting of the clinic treatment rooms after every use and entire clinic on a regular basis. Cleaning schedule documented.

4.Myself wearing 3 layer surgical mask and face shield, all patients wearing face masks.

5.Patients are asked use hand sanitizer when into clinic and after treatment, hand sanitizer available in all rooms.

6.All pamphlets, magazines removed from the reception and treatment rooms.

7.Cushions and pillows removed or covered in vinyl

8.Any cloth items, such as towels, sheets, headrest coverings laundered in hot water and with use bleach.

9.After treatment, disinfect all table, pillows, headrest, floor, chairs with medical level, or over 75% alcohol, for instruments such as cups… disinfect with PriEmpt High Level Disinfectant and Sterilant.

10. Switch use two rooms for each patients, disinfect each room with UV light for 30 minutes after finished treatment. UV light disinfect reception room end of the day.

11.Posted signs throughout the clinic demonstrating proper hand washing, use of sanitizer, and cough and sneeze protocol.

12.Email receipts

13.Myself must work in clean uniform that have not been worn in public places or with exposure to other individuals, and will wash everyday.

14.Maintain a registry of all people entering the clinic to help in contact tracing.

For now, services will be available by appointment. I ask for your patience and understanding as I will not be able to see as many patients as before due to strict disinfection. Please be aware that there are several new protocols that we have put in place because of Covid-19. I encourage you to read about these changes by navigating to the "Covid-19 Response" tab on my website, read “what I need you, my valued patient to do” and answer and sign “ Screen Questions and consent”

Also, in order to qualify for in-person treatment, you must be screened first and the answers to the questions needs to be “NO”.

I look forward to seeing you!

Yours in Health,

JINSONG Annie WANG                                      


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