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San Fu Tie (Herbal Paste) 

Three resting paste

What is “San Fu Tie” ?

"San Fu Tie" literately means three herbal patches in Chinese. It is a type of treatments that ancient TCM practitioners used to treat winter diseases on three specific days in the summer according to the lunar calendar. What does it mean by “winter diseases”? It means the popular health conditions during the winter time. In the winter, because of the cold and wind, people are more vulnerable in catching common cold. We all know when we have stronger immune system, we are less vulnerable of catching common cold. In TCM theories, this type of treatments is really focusing on boosting our immune system, and strengthening lungs functions. Therefore, these treatments are good for people who suffer seasonal allergies, any conditions related to weakened immune system, asthma or other diseases associated with weakened functions of lungs.

Those three treatments could be any day during the following periods in the summer. They are supposed to have the most heat and yang energy in the universe. It also means on those days, our body has the most heat and yang energy as well. 

Therefore, it would be the perfect days to treat the following conditions:

Always feel cold, worse in the winter


Easily catching common cold

Suffer from seasonal allergies

Coughing with clear mucus all the time

Having diarrhea all the time Cold hands and feet always


Chronic bronchitis

Any conditions you always have every winter. 

You could have the treatments on any day during these three periods. It’s recommended to have three treatments over three consecutive summers, which, over time, can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms, and possibly even cure any regular health problems that you suffer during the winter time.


Life style and Diet during these three periods:

Please avoid: cold, greasy food, seafood, alcohol, cigarettes

Recommend to drink ginger tea in the morning  

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