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What I need you, my valued patient to do

1.Read the Covid-19 Screening Questions. If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions then do not enter the clinic and reschedule your appointment for 14+ days from now.

2.Don’t arrive early, wait in your car until your appointment time to enter the clinic.

3. Do not enter the clinic if there is a patient at the reception desk area.

4. Do not bring friends or family members into the clinic unless

you need them for physical assistance or are a guardian.

5.Anyone entering the clinic must wear mask. MYSELF AND ALL PATIENTS WILL NOW BE REQUIRED TO WEAR FACIAL MASKS IN THE CLINIC - If you forget your mask or do not have one, I have 3 layers disposable masks available for $1. I will also instruct how to put the mask on correctly.

6.The mask MUST be worn throughout your entire treatment, so if you are not comfortable with this then please postpone your appointment at this time.

7.Clean your hands with the hand sanitizer in the vestibule of the clinic immediately upon entering and leaving the clinic.

8.There are signs throughout the clinic outlining correct procedures for hand sanitizing and hand washing.

9.Our public washroom is open, but unless it is an absolute emergency, not suggest you use.

10.Limit items you bring into the clinic with you to only those that are necessary. A clean plastic bin will be provided to put your things (clothes, purse, wallet, phone, etc) in during your treatment which will be sanitized between uses.

11. Do not use coat hooks or leave footwear in the waiting area.

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